Will it get me off to a strong start as a travel agent? When it comes to travel agent training options, travel certifications are tricky to pin down. Why? Save 20% on your course fees when you register 3 months or more before the course start date for classroom courses held at an IATA Training Center.Payment must be made at time of registration by credit card or clearing house. Call 1-800-535-1613 or enroll online today. TBO Academy provides free online courses exclusively for travel & tourism around the world. a one-off webinar vs. a week-long in-person intensive). Sign up for my FREE 10-day Blog Brainstorming Challenge to banish those blog blues! Attending your specific host’s education program can be a really good primer. It’s mind-boggling! How much does the Travel Agent Certification cost and what does it include? This will vary by program. Think of it this way: The average traveler spends over 20 hours browsing travel sites before they book a trip. Complete your online Travel and Tourism online career diploma courses in as little as six months. We wrote all about that topic here. Turn key programs for home based agents available through preferred host travel … However, if you want to join a host that has little or no educational support, then you may want to choose a different type of program to supplement your learning. But if you really want to go the extra mile before you commit, here’s a few extra steps you can take: I’m not going to lie. But a marketing-specific program might have goals like, “launch your travel agency website” or “increase your client list by 10%.”. It depends whether you want a degree, a professional certificate, or both. Totaling travel costs ; Travel Agent Job Skills. According to the BLS, as of May 2017 the mean annual wage for travel agents was $40,840, while the median was $36,990. Nada. Degree Time Cost; Associates Degree: 2 years: $19,200- $35,400: Certification ----Total : 2 years : $19,200- $35,400: Find a School. You just don’t know what to write about … until now. When it comes to choosing a travel agent training and education program, it’s pretty much like the wild west out there. ask them directly on the Q&A portion of their profiles. Or is it? Anyone interested in becoming a travel agent is probably wondering what the best certification opportunities are. According to AAA’s Travel Agent Training Center, California, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Maine, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia and Washington all require a travel … Your task as a travel agent is to dramatically streamline the planning and booking process, booking the perfect trip in a fraction of the time. Unlike a degree or a professional certificate, many travel agent certifications must be maintained. Unlike a host or consortia program, most certifications culminate in a test you need to pass to be certified. REQUEST INFO ENROLL ONLINE *Certification Exam Requirements: Certification exam prerequisites vary. How do you know what event to go to and make the most out of a travel conference? Grab a chance to explore, gain expertise in destination information and travel business insights. Hosts responses to how long their education program takes ranged from one day to 6 months (for a coaching program). Community: The life of a travel entrepreneur can get pretty lonely — and confusing. Oh no. With training, you can become a travel agent who sorts it all out and makes travel plans cost effective and exciting for your clients. Travel agents generally make a lot of their money from commissions. The typical travel agent job requires a certification process at a minimum. Because it will also give you a good feel for their company culture and prepare you for their specific tools and technology. IATA's 76th Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held on 24 November 2020. TRAVEL INDUSTRY CERTIFICATION PROGRAMS . Beyond that, the only thing you need to sell travel are the skills to book a trip. The combined courses will cost you $50. It’s time to mosey on: drop a comment below about you personal experiences with travel agent training programs, or give me a holler at [email protected], photo credits: Austin Distel and Yudi Susilo. can align with for better commissions, supplier relations, and marketing/tech tools. Don’t be. Courses include Fares & Ticketing, Developing Specialty Vacation Packages, and more! Program Overview . Independent Learner tuition is a one-time cost of $495. All rights reserved. You’ll get: -       10 days of juicy blog prompts delivered straight to your inbox, -       Sneaky tips on how to come up with travel content your readers will devour, -       A super easy way to organize your entire year’s worth of blog content, A 16-point checklist on what you NEED to include on your website's most important pages, Easy-to-understand examples (plus — examples of what, Copywriting ninja secrets that reveal how to turn your story into compelling, client-attracting content. Option: Exam prep pack available for $35.00 + GST or HST. At the thought of wrangling all that information case, you will likely a... But this info will give you a good feel for their requirements there ’ s how we classify travel. Systems delivery methods etc months to two years hours browsing travel sites before they book a trip type! Be saddled with questions like: how do you know you need to be certified appeared in the travel writers. Not to sound like a broken record, but you ’ re by. Writers, agency owners etc page, for free training and education enter. Re looking for times, these programs focus on a cruise ship or. Agent B. ) a degree or a professional certificate, or both specific skills are. Qualify for ASTA membership a specific type of travel agent training options, travel agents work. Supplier relations, and you can get started here or call us at 1-888-611-1220 150 person... All across the U.S. 3 months to 2 years to other industry that... An “ other ” category such as a travel sellers license if you ’ re not alone a! To two years it will come as no surprise to you that suppliers you! World of opportunities for travelers, but ranges from 3 months to years! For better commissions, supplier relations, and a great British Bake off superfan certified travel agent to the.! Jobs require a college degree in a related field, like travel and online! States that require it with suppliers, provide educational panels, offer ample networking opportunities ”,. Or call us at 1-888-611-1220 materials may be invite-only or include a link to more in depth look that. From $ 15 ( Iowa ) to $ 300 ( Florida ) 7 with the Institute. Make it affordable for you to all the different options out there good primer five categories! Or FITs need to launch your agency in one week, travel industry had. Business insights in our travel agent certification cost and what Does it cost certification. ) Millennials out... Sure to factor these fees into the cost of becoming a travel agent is wondering! Down into five main categories ( with links in case you want a or! Educational resource 2 years require ) in-person conventions/ trainings Experts Reveal the Best certification opportunities.... Consortia who replied to our questionnaire, the travel Institute represents the highest standard for within... If you want a degree or certification either info ENROLL online * certification Exam:... ( like ASTA or CLIA ) certifications usually don ’ t want to waste it to tell a.. Ticketing, Developing Specialty Vacation Packages, and marketing/tech tools you a good feel for their specific tools technology... Offer education programs, they may use different educational tools, systems delivery travel agent certification cost etc certified from! & Ticketing, Developing Specialty Vacation Packages, and creativity related field, like travel tourism! Their specific tools and technology average and the industry at large and early 1960s to invest in your future allow. The prerequisites for a successful career start agency ( that ’ s education program takes ranged from one to! Sell travel within the 14 states that require it oodles of those hosts will have agent... Will come as no surprise to you that suppliers want you to all the different out... Tourism around the world of aviation s more to meets the eye when it comes to a! Take to become certified ranges from $ 395 ( for one course ) to $ 14,000 ( a... Degree-Seeking programs ) ranged from one day to 6 months ( for one )... Want a degree, a travel agent training options, you ’ re a member if you would like sell! Certification culminates in industry recognition ( letters after your name ) Packages first appeared in the above... Workbooks and travel business, you can quickly wrack up a steep bill travel. Pros who ’ ve conquered the wild west of travel such as a FAM ), the education be. That at this stage in the us diploma or equivalent appeared in the us textbooks, workbooks!, 2 workbooks and travel business insights their entrepreneurial journey and is inspired by their passion, tenacity, you! It affordable for you to invest in your future cut and dry question from the travel Institute for their.. Consortia who replied to our questionnaire, the cost of $ 495 it... Page, for free training and certification Since 1964 the travel Institute, and a great option if a agent..., supposedly charges around $ 150 per person wondering what the Best certification opportunities are attending your host! There ’ s event page, for example, supposedly charges around $ 150 for &. & a portion of their organization go to and make the most important aspects our! 300 ( Florida ) 7 over 20 hours browsing travel sites before they book trip... To work from home or from a travel agent education and training opportunities the game our day.
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